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Liverpool FC

Newcastle United

Anfield, Liverpool

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Newcastle United

Watford 1-1
St. James' Park, Newcastle

Tabela Championship

1.Liverpool FC 412
2.Manchester City 410
3.Leicester City 48
4.Crystal Palace FC 47
5.West Ham United 47
6.Arsenal Londyn 36

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"Blaydon Races"

Refren: Oh me lads, ye shud a seen us gannin'
Passin the folks upon the road just as they were stannin'
Thor wis lots o lads and lasses there aal wi smilin' faces,
Gannin alang the Scotswood Road to see the Blaydon Races.

We flew past Armstrong's factory an' up te the Robin Adair,
Just gannin' doon te the railway bridge - the bus wheel flew off there,
The lasses lost thor crinolines an' the veils that hide thor faces,
Aa got two black eyes an' a broken nose in gaan te Blaydon Races.

Refren - Oh me lads.

When we got the wheel put on, away we went agyen,
But them that had thor noses broke, they came back ower hyem,
Some went to the dispensary, an' some to Dr. Gibbs,
An' some to the Informary to mend thor broken ribs.

Refren - Oh me lads.

Noo when we gat te Paradise thor wes bonny gam begun,
Thor was fower an' twenty on the bus, man hoo they danced an' sung,
They caalled on me te sing a song, Aa sang them Paddy Fagan,
Aa danced a jig an' swung me twig that day Aa went te Blaydon.

Refren - Oh me lads.

We flew across the Chine bridge reet inti' Blaydon toon,
The bellman he was caallin' there, they called him Jacky Broon,
Aa saa him taalkin' te some chaps, an' them he was persuadin'
Te gan an' see Geordie Ridley's show, in the Mechanic's Haall at Blaydon.

Refren - Oh me lads.

The rain it poured aal day an' myed the groond quite muddy,
Coffy Johnny had a white hat on - they yelled "Who stole the cuddy?"
Thor was spice stalls an' munkey shows, an' aald wives sellin' cider,
An' a chap wi' a ha'penny roondaboot, shootin "Noo me lads for riders"

Refren - Oh me lads...